05 March 2012

Inappropriately dressed women of Quake 3

Does anyone remember the inappropriately dressed women of Quake? I was more of an Unreal Tournament person myself but have to admit that Quake 3 had some great character designs (it had a playable eyeball that walked on its hands named Orbb, ain't that enough by itself?) alas these characters were easily forgettable because they had no proper back story to comply their wicked visuals. Maybe because the game was focused on multi player rather then story driven single player but still this is no excuse.

Just a reminder that Quake 3 Arena was turned into a browser game. You can check it out at Quake Live official website. Got some new power ups and stuff but still the same old Quake.

Here are a bunch of (well almost all) females from Q3 Arena. Note i didn't draw 2 of the ladies coz Angel was just a cybernetic skeleton of Lucy and Daemia was just a shitty clone of Major. I had to draw Orbb as well tho not a female its definitely a bitch :)

Quake 3 arena femme fatales