05 June 2012

X-com Aliens

Anyone remember the squad based strategy game X-com (or UFO defense) from the 90's? Recently I took the time to draw the aliens from x-com.

The best thing about old games were the fact that their visuals left us a lot to imagine unlike today's what you see what you get game visuals. Dont get me wrong, stuff they make today is also amazing but everything seems more spoon fed. I remember how amazed I was playing xcom, even though there were blurry pixels moving on the screen in my mind they seemed more or less like the ones i attached to this post :)

I tried to remain as close and faithful to the aliens from the game. Sectoids were the generic (and the only naked) aliens, Floaters were the tech, medic & cleaver sort, Snakemen wore fashionable leather jackets and had faces that looked like rabbits or rats, chryssalid was a black bug that had a creepy Jack Nicholson smile and used that smile to turn people into zombies, Muttons were green brutes acting as grunts, Cleatids were alien watchdogs and Ethereals were skinny pink aliens dressed up as potato sacks. (who could mind control your troops and make them shoot each other in panic)
Other stuff i did for x-com could be found on http://shroomarts.blogspot.com/2012/02/x-com-enemy-unknown-remake.html