23 October 2012

Fallout Chibi

fallout chibi

Fallout 1 and 2 are among the best rpg games out there, still wicked games to play. The new ones (fallout 3 and new vegas) are ok, VATS and slo mo stuff is fun to use, but I still prefer the older ones where turn based combat was dead fun and great isometric sprites followed by written descriptions allowed the player to use more imagination.

My designs are based on 1 and 2, tried to capture the dark and grim post apocalyptic atmosphere and humour of these fantastic games.

Raiders are angry fellows who burn and pillage for a living, vault dwellers are regular folk who hid inside underground vaults to save their asses from the nuclear bombs, children of the cathedral are a religion who worship "The Master" and aid its super mutant army, tribals are what you think they are, slavers are masters of human resources, The Brotherhood of Steel are again a militaristic and religious organization. Ghouls are "glow in the dark" people who couldn't find shelter from the radiation. Gangs and Gun Runners are as their name suggests and the mutant army consists of super mutants armed to the teeth doing the bidding of "The Master"