08 February 2013

more altera game concepts

As the development of Altera continues, its time for me to post another batch. Unfortunately Altera is still in a very early stage and unplayable but the random world generator started to come together, creating a giant continent filled with vegetation. There is a world generator, a random face generator and combat preview function to test simple ranged and melee battles between various levels of humans, mantis, wooden dummies and big ugly things with a burning axes.

My previous post about Altera concept art can be found here

Altera is living planet that the players get to witness its birth as plants slowly grow to decorate the lands while volcanoes erupt to shape landmarks. There will be strange lifeforms that populate this planet and mind their own business.

We were trying to find some interesting life forms so i did some concepts on various strange native creatures. Some could give stuff when killed, some can be used for other things (like resources or farming) some can be left alone etc. Day and night cycle is also planned to affect the abilities and motives of the critters. A creature can hunt during daytime and return to its lair to sleep during night time.

the floating egg vermin's poison gas and the cyborg sword flies sting may cause negative buffs on the player. the robot mantis can use the burrow ability to regenerate its health or maybe it goes into sleep mode and regenerates that way during night times.

Half-man (later renamed to Gob-Man) are small, hunch creatures who terrorize the civilians by conducting random raids to the domains, your typical raze, rape, pillage stuff. usually the smart or strong one rules the mob, they live in scrap metal heaps and remains of other domains found in the wild.

The zombie making helmet thingy is (who makes up sick stuff like that?) a type of alien parasite who enjoys jumping on human heads and turns them into zombies. These things can make small jumps using the jet packs on their helmet. Once it integrates itself to its host, the parasites legs stick to the torso of the zombie so tight that it can give the zombie a flying / leap ability. If the host is killed the parasite can de-attach itself using a quick jetpack burst (leaping somewhere safe and look for a new host. (or it can jump to the nearest human if in jetpack range)

From this list the gob-man were added to the roadmap so i decided to work bit more on their concepts. Lore is easy once the mechanics are fixed but until then here are some basic info on the "Gob" race. (previously named as half-man or goblin)

The "Gob-man" is the generic type of gob, they tend to stick together and follow any other strong or intelligent gobs, forming hordes named as Gob-Mobs.

Few gifted gobman tend to be smarter then others. These smart ones become shamans that worship "Old-Gob-God" the ancient patron of nature. They show their intelligence, leadership and loyalty by wearing mantis shaped masks and gob sticks. Faithful shamans are gifted with the ability to control mantis and other low level critters.

Not all gobs are gifted with intelligence. some just tend to be bigger and stronger. Being big and strong in a race full of weaklings comes with its advantages. These stronger Gobs who prove themselves in the battlefield get the chance to rule weaker Gobs. Some follow them because of fear while some follow with the hope of finding untold riches and legendary glory. Finally there are the few who follow because of respect. Gob-bos-man can use any human weapons they find.

This thing was initially called the Minotaur but was later renamed to cyclops due to its single eyed design. The original design in the middle was made by someone else, i just tweaked the main idea and made some variations.

These behemoths can be controlled by a weaker race who dwell inside the head part with a master / slave relationship or they can just animated armour. once the creature is killed the weak master will eject using the head of the cyclops and attempt to escape danger. The master itself is actually the diamond head with tentacles or spider legs and is harmless on its own. can be killed or collected as a resource.

Now that we have some creatures to inhabit Altera i couldnt stop myself from asking where did these creatures live. My call was;

  • Every creature has a lair somewhere on the map, a lair can house unlimited creatures
  • Lairs spawn a creature every x minutes
  • Spawned creature walks around the lair looking for something to do, if none goes back inside
  • Lairs of hostile creatures spawn raiding parties every x minutes
  • Raiding parties attack player domains until every party member dies or target is destroyed
  • Creatures regenerate when sleeping in or wandering near their lairs.
  • Lairs can be destroyed to stop creature production or loot

But where do lairs come from?
  • Placement of lairs is random every game start. (amount depending on difficulty etc)
  • Every x minutes the game can check for a specific creature type on map. if none of the type exist a creature will be summoned off map and will find a spot to build a new lair thus start reproduction. 

Plant concepts. Plants spread across the world and grow by time. Different plants will grow in different parts of the world depending on water and soil types. The plants need bit of tweaking and their textures are not implemented yet but they still look nice the way they are.

Next are the melee rings.

A preview from the melee ring generator. Melee rings are the generic melee weapons for player characters. I had done some concepts for rings before, recently i had the chance to flesh them out. This works in a similar fashion to the random face generator. I draw the ring patterns and the program mixes and matches them to create random looking melee rings.

This is just a tiny sample of random melee rings that can be produced.

And finally some ideas on handgun models and their projectiles. Previously i had a few variations of handgun concepts. this time i was trying to set a distinguishing look for their ingame models. Current state we use a temp placeholder model for a pistol. It shoots a straight green line that sends sparkles on impact. Different guns will have different projectiles each with their own properties (burn, shock, freeze etc.)

Thats it for now, as its development continues ill be posting sometime more Altera related stuff in the future. If you enjoyed this post you may be interested in my previous post about other Altera related concept art.