27 April 2013

Dweller's new user interface

Working on the new user interface of Dweller Roguelike. Björn wanted it to have a more "gamely" feel. Fun stuff mostly about visual decoration but the troublesome part was the screen size for low res devices as he wanted the menu to look the same for both low and hi res screens where there is so limited space for eye candy. So I penned some designs.

Dweller UI concepts

I liked the single side menu but it lacked most features and looked ugly when the quick slots were added to a single side and Björn liked the second one with the radial in the centre (the one that covered the bottom part of the screen) so we decided to focus on that one.

Dweller Hero Screen

Hero screen will have a "dress up doll" kind of inventory. Which is standard in every rpg game nowadays aint it? Anyway these concepts will be the ones that will make it to the game. (probably with minor changes)

Dweller UI concepts 2

and some more alternative menus that got scrapped. The one with the Goblin King's crown was one of my favourites and would have looked awesome on high res screens but it killed half of the screen on low res devices so had to abandon it. The one next to it had the menu activated by pressing on the hero icon but Björn was concerned about hiding commands that the user uses often.

Dweller UI concepts 3