06 June 2013

even more altera concepts

I still haven't been able to make a proper page for Altera (strangely its not because of laziness this time) but here are some more concepts I've worked on the past few days. My previous posts on Altera can be found HERE and HERE

I'll start from where I left off, Previously I had a few variations of handgun concepts. this time i was trying to set a distinguishing look for their ingame models. Previously we were using a temp placeholder model for a pistol. It shoots a straight green line that sends sparkles on impact. Different guns will have different projectiles each with their own properties (burn, shock, freeze etc.)

This time I had the chance to work on the implementation of the pistol models.

altera blaster concepts

altera weapon models

Weapons are planned to level up as the player's avatar levels up. The current level system consists of behind the scenes math, without any UI or skill sets. This concept describes how the xp stored in the melee ring can be used to level up other ranged weapons.

The player gets skill points to spend to connect the tiles on a grid from the blue starting point at the middle and connects a single skill per level to the blue tile . its real simple stuff that can be used not just for the guns but also for the players avatar or critters around the map.

altera weapon level up concepts

Very early structure concepts. Trying to find a distinguishing look for each of the major structures.

altera main structure concepts

Concepts about the content (screens, speakers, billboards etc.) that can be found in the domains. Tried to use a generic style similar to the building concepts but the top and bottom parts can be changed depending on the theme of the content. Something even more cool would be to completely change the build-boards like to use screens held by statues for art based content etc. but i assume that would be impossible / troublesome to apply in-game, specially scale-wise.

altera content kiosk concepts

Some mish-mash about structure model scale compared to human model scale. I am the one who drew this but even I find it hard to understand :)

Concepts and suggested model of the vault structure. I intended this to occupy a single tile but a 4 tile width makes it look much better. Probably only the content kiosks (screens, speakers, billboards etc.) will suit a single tile due to slimness. A way around keeping structure size small to a single tile can be to use dungeon keeper style rooms with walls covering around the structure and resources so each structure will look like a control panel, not a building. Colours or model is not final. 

altera vault concepts

Some concepts on a worker drone. Its a tiny floating unit that wobbles as it floats, can have smoke coming out of its rear part as it "works". Im not real happy with how the drones face ended up to be. It looks too robotic, rather heartless. Maybe should have went with the pig face to give it a slightly organic cute or pitiful feel. In game model should have less colours and more glow

altera drone concepts

Nothing special, its a power plant that provide the necessary power to run domains. Almost every strategy game from the 90's had one of these :)

Altera power plant concept
 Weapons Factory / kiosk where visitors or locals of the domain spend money to buy weapons. This thing is like a tiny vending machine or micro wave oven where you place your order and it produces it in a few seconds.

Altera weapon factory conceptI'll update as more stuff piles up. While you may want to check out my previous posts about Altera stuff HERE and HERE