04 July 2013

Jolly Roger update

Jolly + Roger is a digdug, digger and boulder dash inspired game we colloborate with a friend in our spare time. Recently we managed to implement the first boss and we now have a map editor to speed up the process of levels

I have a page dedicated to Jolly + Roger HERE

The default way to play Jolly + Roger would be the arcade mode where the players will get to select and play levels in any order they wish. Completing levels will unlock even more levels and each new level will be harder compared to the previous. The main objective of arcade mode will be similar to a time attack, where the player has to collect all the minerals (or any other loot) on the map and reach the dropship waiting at the surface of the planet.

Apart from the time attack mode there can be another arcade mode somewhat similar to Digdug's gameplay where the player has to kill all the enemies to complete the levels. However I don't want the player to use (if any) weapons because the more power you give to the player the less skill it requires to tap a button and blast enemies. This mode should be similar to a puzzle game where the player should think of alternate ways (like dropping a limited number of stones on the enemies, operating traps or using alien plants and other native life forms) to kill the enemies.

I hate games that include story modes for the sake of having a story mode, where you play a normal arcade game with annoying text bubbles before and after the action sequences so its better to include it only if there is enough spare time to achieve a good presentation and quality material to squeeze a proper story. We do plan to add a story mode but arcade will be our first priority.

But what good is a story mode if there are no boss fights? Its kind of hard to use mechanics from digger and boulder dash games to make proper (well, not to say proper but any other than dropping stones on peoples heads) boss fights. We managed to implement the first boss of the story mode. (which we dont seem to focus on but still seem to work at the same time :)) Its an indestructible tank that is supported by a bomber plane.

The main boss is a tank, impossible to damage. The tank keeps going left and right and has a gun that fires bullets at the player. (lots of slow bullets but easy to dodge by careful movement) Every 10 seconds a reticle locks on the player, and a plane comes to drop bombs on the reticle location.

What the player has to do is dodge the bullets and wait near the tank till the bomber plane locks, run away before the bomb drops and pray the bomb hits the tank, eventually killing it. After repeating this for a couple of times the tank will be destroyed. Easy said than done.

Ok, I assume you get the idea. Now lets take a few screen shots and see how things work in game...