16 September 2013

Final Fight

Final Fight Haggar, Cody and Guy
This page started out as a Fanart for Capcom's 1989 arcade game, but later decided to add some sketches, intro and outro videos from sega CD versions and some text to go with it.

Final Fight tells the story of Haggar, who is the mayor of Metro City, a shit hole burg overrun by a gang named Mad Gear. Calling these guys a gang wont actually do justice since every level you kill dozens of these guys and they still come in legions. To force the mayor into cooperation, mad gear kidnaps ex-wrestler turned mayor Haggar's daughter.  

Haggar teams up with his daughters boyfriend Cody and some asian guy (who is strangely named as Guy) and like in every other beat em up game, the trio start walking towards the right side of the screen to smash stuff until they find Haggar's brat.

To show how bad ass these guys are, the intro movie shows couple of gang members licking knives and bending pipes (that sounded like a cheap porn flick) and there is even a rather poorly drawn guy that seems like knives stuck to his hand and ears. Its actually a guy who prepares to throw knives but its so poorly done it seems like the guy stabs his hands with knifes, takes them out one by one and throws at his prey. Which kind of makes Mad Gear seem even more bad-ass.

Check out the intro with awful voice acting from the Sega CD version HERE and see for yourself. Hee hee hee mr Haggar...

Then there is the bit that Cody and Guy talk to each other using a mirror. Back in my youth kids used to make a telephone using two yogurt cups and a string for fun, well apparently Cody and guy never did that but used a mirror to talk to each other and it kind of turned into a bad habit they could never let go. Anyway, when Cody tells guy that Jessica has been kidnapped, Guy sounds as if he is high on crack and answer back using a slow, stoned tone that implies he has no idea who Jessica is, neither does he care... "mad gear must pay..."

Final Fight Bonus stage - oh my car :)

Whatever, so what happens at the end? They kill every single person who live in metro city, break some poor guys car, throw an old man in a wheel chair down the window of a skyscraper, Haggar hugs his brat, tears start flying while Cody and Guy silently walk away to find more people to beat as the credits roll. Jessica catches up to thank Cody and all of a sudden Guy decides to beat Cody to death and runs away...

Why on earth would he want to do that? Was he secretly in love with Cody and got jealous of Jessica? Watch the shitty ending video HERE and decide for yourself.