27 September 2013

Wonder Boy III - The Dragon's Trap

Wonderboy 3 - The Dragons Trap

Wonder Boy III - The Dragon's Trap was published by Sega and released for the Sega Master System in 1989. It's probably one of the best games ever made for the Master System. It has clean visuals, good music, open exploration gameplay and chain smoking pigs working as shopkeepers.

Wonderboy 3: the Dragon´s Trap starts just at the moment in which Wonderboy in Monsterland ended, After killing the Mecha Dragon, (which reminds me of a giant robot chicken) the dragon curses the hero and transforms him into a green-skinned lizard. So begins the tale of the hero trying to defeat other dragons and retrieve his human form. Each form gives different abilities that allow the player to progress in a free exploration world.

Each and every form has its own advantages. You get to start the game as the Lizard Man who can burp fires out of his mouth, turn into Mouse Man that can fit through small cracks and climb on walls, Piranha Man that can swim underwater, the mighty Lion Man that can break blocks with the swing of his sword and Hawk Man that can fly.    

The dragons are as goofy as a Halloween party, other than the robot chicken you get to fight a mummy dragon, a zombie dragon, a samurai dragon, a pirate dragon (that wears pink boots with high heels) and finally a vampire dragon that has a face coming out of his stomach... I tried to keep the goofy feel but make them look slightly more serious.

Wonderboy 3 - Boss dragons

There are quite a few monsters in the game, their sprites are rather large, distinctive, cute and silly in a way. Some of the monsters are rather generic like the crab, the spitting flower, the ball with the spike etc.

Wonderboy 3 The dragons trap - Enemies