27 October 2013

Final Fantasy VI - Emperor Gestahl

My take on Emperor Gestahl, the evil dictator of the Gestahlian Empire from Final Fantasy VI. I felt the official artwork (made by Amano) was hard to understand since it used too much red and tons of flashy bits and stuff wrapped around him.

It was fun to imagine a new Gestahl with less colour, darker tones, evil looks and a more glorious (but bit silly looking) head ornament instead of the regular black cap which reminds me of a poor conscripts cap more than an emperors.

Quick text regardig Gestahls personality (from the FF6 wiki);

Gestahl's ambition is to use power to reign over the world and uses technology to make his Empire grow unparalleled in its military branch. Gestahl is ruthless in attaining his goals, shown in his forceful taking of espers and paying no mind to the horrible experiments done to them. Not once did he show remorse regarding the ethical ambiguity of infusing children with magic, or using a mind-controlling device.

Gestahl holds little regard for human and intelligent life, having his eyes set only on his dream Magic Empire. Even after Kefka's atrocities the Emperor does not punish him outside of throwing him into a prison cell. Gestahl's fake affability and attempt to trick and use the party to his own ends, after lying to them, shows his political knowledge.