26 November 2013

Advance Wars - Green Earth

Advance Wars Green Earth CO's Drake, Jess and Eagle.

Commanding Officers of the Green Earth Army from Advance Wars. Captain Drake, Supply & Logistic expert Jess and superior air force commander Eagle. Jess always felt too tomboy so I tried to make her look more feminine.

Jess is one of my favourite CO's in the game, Her special power allows all her units to replenish their fuel and ammo allowing them to push forward without stopping to re-supply. It also gives movement and attack bonus to all ground units (apart from infantry) which is always a great bonus to have in turn based games. She receives penalties to her air and naval units but most maps focus on ground units anyway.

Such a shame her infantry units were weaker than the average infantry, making her a slightly poor choice in Advance Wars 2 as AW games heavily rely on meat shielding long ranged units with infantry. This was balanced in AW Dual Strike as they made her troops as strong as the rest.