05 December 2013

Jupiter Hell

Last Update: Jan 2014
Whats all this about? Concepts for Jupiter Hell, the successor to DoomRL. 
Developed By - ChaosForge

Stuff I post here are either very early designs, alternative suggestions or rejected stuff. Meaning there is a high chance you wont be able to see any of these in the final product. 

jan 2014 - added couple of weapons and some more former humans.
feb 2014 - added a new demons section with some sketches.
mar 2014 - added couple of security guard designs.
apr - 2014 - added a security bot and a couple more stuff. 



Jupiter Hell pixelart

Jupiter Hell is currently in development process so I will be revealing limited (and probably out off date) stuff from time to time. Its being developed by a small team of artists, coders and ChaosForge fanatics (who are united under the title of Chaos Guard - see, the place is a madhouse.) so the finished stuff you would find in the game will be the product of a team effort. My part in the team is to work on the concepts, think of alternatives and annoy people with negative comments.

Maybe I'll categorize the images later on but things will consist of random posts for now. 

Initially there were two logos for the game, both made by different artists. The first logo was to be a silhouette of Jupiter with the name of the game written on it, later it was changed to a more stylish mixture of gibberish and symbols of  Jupiter and its moons.

Jupiter hell logo

There was a debate going on about which logo was to be used in the teaser trailer and I liked both of them so I tried to come up with a way to use both. At the end only the symbol logo was used.  

jupiter hell logo anim


Couple of marine concepts. These were done very early while the team was struggling to find a look for the player character. (resized to fit the page, click for full-size view) I tried to stay away from the "full metal covered, robotic armour" instead focusing on a more dorky, 90's "doom marine" or "quake ranger" that shows some flesh. Why on earth would a guy want to wear an armour that shows his belly :)

Jupiter Hell - Marine concept

Jupiter Hell - Marine concept

Jupiter Hell - Marine concept

Jupiter Hell - Marine concept

Jupiter Hell - Marine concept

Jupiter Hell - Marine concept

The marine used in the teaser trailer was designed by another artist. the helmets below were my propositions for the trailer. Most are rather rough and ugly but I still like the spherical ones, ideal to use as a fish bowl once the marine dies.

Jupiter Hell - helmet roughs

Jupiter Hell - helmet roughs 2

Former Humans

These guys were human before something nasty happened to them and made cables hang from their private parts.   

Jupiter Hell - flesh & machine
This was the very first former human idea that came to my mind. The initial mood files given didn't include humans but had machines or mechanical beasts playing around with human parts for whatever sick reason. So I came out with this idea of robots wearing human skin on top of them to "feel human". They could stand in a dark corridor and stare at each other silently or making grunts and growls similar to a human in pain as if they were having an intellectual conversation. Why? Who cares, it feels disturbing and that's all I want :)

Later on the robotic creations left the spotlight to demons who possessed humans and had the ability to combine meat, metal and cables into various sorts of abominations. 

The time I learned there would be radioactive taint in the game came an excuse for me to draw bubbling flesh that would do party talk. Below is a concept of a civilian sanitation worker turned into a walking meatball due to severe exposure to radiation.

Jupiter hell - radiation
Later on radiation was made less visible, it turned into something that could be felt but cannot be seen. That probably means you may still get killed by rads but your meat wont turn into bubbling goo.

Here are some more healthy looking humans mixed with machine parts.

Jupiter hell - flesh machine faces
Kornel had done some some sketches for his monsters. I wont show his stuff here but if you must know what they look like I can describe them as the drawings of a psychotic 7 year old kid who's hands burnt by fire... naaaah, they aint bad at all but I wanted to write something silly. So I took the pen and tried to interpret one of his designs, the former marine; 

This is a direct remake of Kornel's former human marine using his description and drawing. "the idea was for a former marine, with the helmet still intact, a ripped armour, and one hand having grown long claws, while the other morphed into something like T-1000 sword-arm. A tube/cable-like vine goes around the hand into the back, where spikes seem to form. As far as the "local" marines look like I'd go the Aliens Colonial Marines style. At least for the security forces on Callisto."

One thing to note here is that there were no signs of radiation, both in the drawing and the description, also i didnt know if the claw was demonic or mechanical, i assumed it to be demonic. so this got me thinking about how to differentiate a demonic corruption from mechanical? So i let my imagination run wild with a new design;

I came to this simple concept where demonic taint would cover the skin with unearthly material, which is alive and acts both as armour and weapon to protect its user. (similar to kornel's original idea of an arm morphing into t1000 blade the armour covers the hand and forms a blade if needed.) The more tainted one gets, the more it covers until the wearer is completely covered which will start resembling a lesser humanoid demon. Texture can be similar to wood or may have different glowing patterns or runes on armour. such patterns can suit the lovecraft look. Also note that Lovecraft literature prefers tentacles over horns, maybe future designs should focus on tentacles instead.
This is based on another one of Kornel's drawings. "an idea to break physics, a cut in half body attached to two industrial loader arms." There was no size scale to show if the demon was human sized or bigger so i decided to make it much bigger than a human, almost like a boss.

Below is a mess of sketches about some guys riding other guys (which sounds real nasty and wrong). Playing around with a more compact loader arm idea again, trying to spice things up with a more classic "medieval hell knight on a horse" look 

These merged bodies would probably never make it to the game because of various technical reasons.

Concepts about cables mummifying humans and turning them into lesser demonic beings. Something between a human and a low level demon.

Here is a quick study of how a transformed former human's skin can look. A human is covered with cable and metal and turned into a lesser demon sort of thing. The more they are infected the less human they look but they still retain their humanoid forms some way.)  Imagine cables and metal bits covering your skin and turning you into a mummy with a nice warm glow coming from your inner bits. Cheapest way to make yourself a Halloween costume.

First image - A mummified former human transformed into a lesser demon. The actual demon is very thin and has a glowing magma or hot metal look. However it is covered with dark cables and tubes just like a muscle system, so someone who looks at it would see bunch of dark cables forming a humanoid form (or whatever form the demon wants to be seen) with a red or yellow glow caused by the melted metal or magma parts shinning from tiny openings among the outer cables. they protect these cable formed bodies with various make shift metal objects or armours. Some prefer to wear hell made unholy armours while some prefer enhancing themselves with various mechanical parts found in the environment around them.

in the second image I was fooling around with a human who is somewhere in the middle of his transformation. Cables and metal parts are shaped as demon limbs so he may look more demonic when his body gets fully covered. They try to crudely imitate the looks of his demon masters.

these "glow and cable looks" were meant for lesser humanoid  demons found in kornels sketches. so higher class like the mancubus would not be as earthly.


Unlike the twisted former humans, these things were never human to begin with. Bigger, nastier and foul smellier, I give you the first few (and obsolete) demon concepts of Jupiter Hell.

Starting off with the loader demon.

The giant "loader demon" is much bigger than a human (there should be an image at the bottom to show scale) It looks much supreme compared to any human but Its probably a selective breed lap dog that has been placed to guard an important area (hell hole, portal, lair, a toilet door or whatever...) It has no legs, the lower part of its body is ripped by the higher demons to enforce the obedience of the creature to the words of its masters. It crawls very slowly using its 4 hands which have typical demonic armour on them. (or maybe it can have lots of tiny human arms and hands that it uses as feet, similar to a centipede.) The mechanical arms are placed inside the shoulders and the power unit seems to be "roughly and carelessly" melded into place again by higher demons. Note that the power unit should not be centred in the middle back of the demon but more like slightly shifted to a single side (or a certain angle) to cause asymmetry and give a "careless placement" feel. There is a human towards its side left alive to allow communication with humans (dunno why? maybe it is to warn the player or anyone to fuck off before attempting to access the part which the demon guards.) It can move its feet and arms as it begs for help from the player. its also nice to have someone to chat with while guarding important areas. Maybe the demon can make insulting jokes to the human.

There is another alternative, which is much smaller compared to the first monster but slightly bigger than a human that has "chariot demon" written above it. This demon could use a generic industrial loader as a chariot pulled by the hands of a bunch of humans stitched together (or undead) There can be loader arms attached to the front and back of the chariot that are used to attack.

I wasnt sure if there were going to be tractors or similar industrial machines in an outer space colony instead of robotics so another alternative could have been a smaller human sized demon (or a former human?) with arms similar to the heavy loader suit from the "aliens" movies. These arms should also be smaller to make the creature look more human scaled.

next is the mancubus...

Jupiter hell mancubus concept art

This was done together with another talented concept artist, the monster was her design, I just filled in the blanks with details. This was meant to be a Mancubus, some hulking savage, bigger than an human and equipped with more tech weapons. Like a tech barbarian or miniature Godzilla on red bull. here are a couple of alternative weapon layouts

Jupiter hell mancubus concept art weapon layouts
Another version of the Mancubus, testing out couple of ideas given by a user from the forums. This was meant to be more of a slow moving cannon.

Jupiter hell mancubus concept art

Yet another one, this one is more like a savage warlord with some primitive armour. Closer to the first concept but with tiny things living inside his guts.

Jupiter Hell Mancubus Concept art


Couple sketches about the general look & feel of the security guards who were meant to be found in the first few levels as an introductory enemy. Requested stuff was bit like the poor old Barney from Half-Life but with couple of different versions with riot gear and such. Somehow my stuff looks too militaristic to be security.

Below are the concepts for a light security bot. There was some debate for it to have walker legs or wheels. Wheels or tracks felt easier to implement 

Jupiter Hell security bot concept art

the model and textures below were made by others from the team, this is probably how the light security bots will look like in the game.

and also here is something irrelevant but fun :)

Jupiter Hell pixelart


Stuff that goes bang. Not much to say about weapons apart from the fact that there wont be any bull-pup designs involved.

Jupiter Hell - Pistol concepts

Jupiter Hell - Shotgun concepts

Jupiter Hell - Assault Rifle concepts

Jupiter Hell - Heavy Machine Gun concepts

Remember Dolls
Not sure how these things started floating around. One day I was doodling these bloated headed guys with game related warning texts next to them and the dev team kind of liked it, so with the help of another talented artist these doodles made it as proper flyer materials. They give good advice about the game mechanics and the environment and similar stuff so you better listen to them rather than ending up like the fellow on them.

... I think this one tells the importance of not forgetting to take your medicine...

Jupiter hell - remember to dress cute

... and this one probably says "even if it looks like a carboard milk box, it still stops blood from staining your shirt"...

...and this is something like "education makes the youth of a nation shine"...

That's enough JH for now, come back some time in the future for more updates...