04 March 2014

Retro games to re-imagine in 2014

Apart from the couple of stuff I've been working on (and a couple of new stuff I'm due to start this month) I would like to have a go at re-imagining one or more of the following retro games for 2014  

Dune - A strategy game that takes place in Frank Herbert's Dune universe where couple of houses fight each other to gain the control of Arrakis and the spice melange that comes with it.

Sid Meiers Pirates! re-imagined in a world where islands float above the clouds and people sail on strange flying ships and zeppelins. Instead of Spanish, English, Dutch and the French there will be different races (humans, robots, eagle-men and another race I cant think of at the moment) fighting to colonizing these floating islands. The game ends when the player retires, at which point he is given a position in his future life, based on accumulated wealth, land, rank, marital status, favoured race and other accomplishments.

Gang Bang - What better name can you give to a game where you walk a city, street by street, beating the shit out of funny named thugs. River City Ransom or Double Dragon style, "they kidnapped someone most dear, go save her" sort of side scrolling beat em up with quests, items, stats and basic rpg elements. 

Magic & Mayhem - M&M was a rts game where the players controlled a wizard who summoned monsters to fight enemy wizards. I would like to turn it into a story based survival game where the player journeys a giant world map, visiting towns and other plot related spots. Summoned monsters will not only be used for combat but also harvest wood, hunt for food, brew potions etc.  

Golden Axe Warrior - Not to be mistaken with the arcade classic Golden Axe... GA Warrior was an awful Zelda rip-off. Its just an excuse for me to draw tiny tiles and items related to Golden Axe :)

Wonder Whore - Wonder Boy in monsters world but with a female hero and tons of cute & strange monsters.

These are just early ideas, I may find better ones if I ever start working on them. However there is no telling on what I will do next. I may end up not doing any of these and working on totally different stuff instead... Where ever the wind blows...