Prince of Persia - Ahriman's Corrupted

Prince of Persia - Prince, Elika and Ahriman's corrupted

Each was originally a human whom had once lusted after power in life and willingly sold their souls to Ahriman, the god of darkness to acquire the power they desired. In return the corrupted now stalk the world once more to carry on their dark masters bidding.

the hunter - a prince who sold his soul to the thrill of the hunt and became a monster who hunted men.
the concubine - who stalks the empty halls of the palace, whispering false promises of dreams fulfilled.
the alchemist - cold and soulless, never letting emotions, compassion or ethics stand in the way of his experiments.
the warrior - a forgotten king who cannot be harmed by weapons or magic.

The "Sands of time" was ok but I guess I like Prince of Persia 2008 the most among the 3D PoP games. It has nice art direction and the most likeable prince among the series. A cocky, tomb raiding, good for nothing bandit who doesnt take anything serious. Its worth playing just to hear the silly dialogue between the prince and Elika.