Princess of Persia

Princess of Persia

2015 edit - After making these doodles I started to have the urge to turn this stupidity into a turn based puzzle game. Not sure when "that time" is but I have bits and pieces of ideas in coming and going about in my mind. I guess its best to wait for them to grow into a certain state before writing anything else and turning this into a page filled with even more useless stuff.

I was looking for a reason to doodle some Prince of Persia stuff and wondered what if the prince was a romantic and a poet (bit of a feminine chap) locked up in the dungeon and the princess was a wandering adventurer who would rescue the pussy whipped prince and become the (dramatic music) Princess of Persia. 

So lets take it from the top. The Sultan is away, waging war in foreign lands. His mind is at ease about the throne because he has left his son, the Prince of Persia back at the palace to prevent Jaffar from pulling any tricks during his absence. What the sultan doesn't know is that his son, the prince is actually a wuss, a bit like prince Adam from He-Man but this one never transforms into He-man, the only thing it can transform would probably be Cringer. Noticing this, Jaffar decides to take a shot and seize the throne.

Meanwhile a nameless young thief, with the aid of her mice companion manages to scale the palace, hoping to fill her sacks and every other orifice with gold and other valuables. Everything goes according to the plan until the duo is caught by the Prince. The foolish romantic that he is, the Prince falls in love with the thief at first sight. In order not to get caught the thief decides to play along until she can find the right time to make a break for the treasury. All seems smooth until Jaffar's men come to imprison the prince as Jaffar seizes the throne.

Here comes the touching part of the story; while the mice manages to hide, the thief is sent to the dungeon to rot and the Prince is imprisoned at his sleeping chambers. The punctual and twisted fellow Jaffar summons the worlds biggest hourglass in the middle of the room and tells the Prince he has 60 minutes to make up his mind on either becoming Jaffar's man-whore or dying a slow and painful death. (Probably both will result him in dying anyway, oh the irony.)

While the Prince begins to wait for the last grain of sand to fall, camera pans back to the dungeon. Tired of having their ways with the eye sockets of skulls they find in the dungeon, the guards attempt to have their way with the thief before they lock her up. Lucky her mice companion comes to save her by biting the private parts of the guards and the thief manages to grab one of their swords and hack her way out, sworn to take revenge from Jaffar.

If you think this story wasnt bad enough try this; they could have cut her hand (because that's what they probably did to thieves those days) and she could have had 60 minutes to die from blood loss, forcing you to look at the severed limb instead of the hourglass after every completed level. Naa, I wont go that far :)    

Princess of Persia

The mice can take a bigger role this time. The princess can carry the mice on her shoulder let it loose when the need be. Once the mice is deployed it can be controlled directly to while the princess waits. It can be sent through cracks, tunnels and other tight spots or climb high walls to discover new areas and solve puzzles, retrieve potions, items, keys from guards belts. It can also be used to scout ahead, distract the guards or used as a throwing weapon (the mice jumps and bites their face) to stun the guards during combat. If a guard notices the mice wandering around it can chase it and try to stomp on it.

Couple of stuff that requires spending some time;
  • One of the levels has the prince jumping through a magical mirror that results in the creation of the evil twin (the alter ego, the shadow prince, glass prince whatever). The princess needs something similar.
  • One of the levels had an undying skeleton. Needs some reason to have magical monsters or transformed guards and that sort of stuff. 
  • Combat was based on reflex and timing of attack and block buttons. Similar type of combo based combat (one vs one or two enemies attacking from each sides at the same time)
  • new traps and puzzles suitable for the mice mechanic.
Princess of Persia

Princess of Persia