31 October 2014

Halloween Toy Concept

When I was a kid I used to eat a lot of these. They were expensive compared to most other chocolates and because they came with a toy most parents used to think children were into them just for the crappy toys. Maybe they were right a little bit but it was the taste that made me eat this stuff and honestly the toys were pretty crap and got even more awful and awful every passing year.

Ok, so lets get to the point; what if I was to make a toy that used to. Its Halloween today, so that pretty much sets the theme and gives me a reason to update the blog.

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Kinder surprise halloween toy concept

So its a simple and small toy that can fit in a Kinder Egg. Most kinder toys require basic assembly of two or more parts, however this one comes straight out of the egg with no assembly required. 

Probably using magnets and bolts would be too expensive, using cheap plastic hooks and clips to keep the wings closed together would be more economic.

Also removing the legs completely and making the toy balance on the bottom part of its wings when placed on a surface could simplify things a bit more.

Kinder Surprise Copyright (c) Ferrero