Street Fighter 2 Pixelart Characters

Characters from Street Fighter II (1991) SF's prime days before they started adding tons of characters and turning it into a circus freak show.

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street fighter characters animation

The player chose a character from a pool of 8 characters and was pitted against seven other guys from different parts of the world before confronting the final four non playable boss characters (balrog, vega, sagat and mbison).

Ive done the playable ones (blanka, honda, chun-li, guile, ken, ryu, dhalsim and zangief)
update: (balrog, vega, sagat and mbison). not sure if I will do any extra characters. If I ever decide to do it would probably be (cammy, thawk, deejay and fei long)

Blanka - The beast from Brazil. The guy who fries you with electric shocks and bites your ass till you die.

Chun-Li - Chinese Interpol officer, seeking to avenge her deceased father. Common choice for the ones who like to spice the screen with thunder thighs instead of muscle dudes. 

dhalsim pixelart

Dhalsim - the guy your friends pick and try to snipe your ass with constant elastic limb spam

guile pixelart

Guile - Soldier from the United States who seeks to defeat the man who killed his best friend. This is the guy to pick for his cool hair.

honda pixelart

E. Honda - Sumo wrestler from Japan. This is the guy to pick if you are overweight and want to prove fat people can beat the shit out of fit people.

ken pixelart

Ken - Ryu's rival and former training partner, from the USA. almost exact duplicate of Ryu (back then they hadnt given him the flame punch or the spinning throw moves so he was just a re-skin) The one to pick if you like red dresses which dont show when bleed on, or blond guys with long hair and bushy black eyebrows.

ryu pixelart

Ryu - a Japanese karateka seeking to hone his skills by jumping in a plane, flying around the globe and beating people senseless. Default pick of most sf players and the guys who like anime.

zangief pixelart

Zangief - a wrestler from the USSR The Default pick of you average school bully and any guy who isnt secure about his body :)

Vega -  Claw, mask, sash and purple matador pants... For the ones who prefer speed, agility and freakish looks.

Balrog - Mike Tyson rip off. For the players who think beating people with punches are cooler than kicking them

Sagat - The former World Warrior champion from the original Street Fighter (previous game, SF1) , who was scarred by Ryu. Tall players tend to have a bond with this guy. 

M.Bison -  The leader of the criminal organization Shadaloo. The guy with the cool cape and uniform and the end game boss.