Evil Mastermind

This was a mobile game concept from 2017 that never got anywhere.

You are an evil mastermind who runs an evil organization. Your henchmen come to you with ideas and operation plans, you have to  approve or deny their requests depending on various factors such as the minions skill level and operation expenses (ammo, fuel and manpower)

Every decision you make effects your Evil Points. Get too aggressive and the world unites to stop you (more negative or combat based events start to happen) you could always lay low, make less evil decisions but your Evil Points start to decrease and the World Evil Committee replaces you.

We were planing to use time travel to show progress in the game. One of your minions, Dr Labrat invents a time machine to be able to travel to different timelines and collect minions such as a cavemen from prehistoric era, a toilet paper man (mummy) from ancient Egypt, a conquistador from the colonial era, an evil birthday clown from some kids birthday etc, to create an army of minions or something. 

Think each time era as a stage or theme pack so once you enter the era, all the events the start to happen are related to that era (eg - prehistoric era where dinosaurs step on your base, hungry minion proposes to trade resources for a dino egg, volcano erupts destroying some of you resources or hurting one of your your minions etc...)

You also had some basic base management for minions but nothing too fancy. It was more about building rooms for them to sleep in, 

Not a visual game, pure text and excel sheet, data base stuff here. I remember the data sheets getting out of control real quick : )