Resident Evil


Something fun for Resident Evil's 25th Anniversary.

Hard to believe its been 25 years since the first RE, still remember the first time I played the very first RE game (not the remake, I'm talking about the original with blocky FF7 style graphics and 5 minute door opening as the game loads). Im talking about the next best thing since Alone in the Dark. Ah the days when zombies weren't over used in games and shitty polygons used to scare people.


RE games used to be cheesy (well the 1 and 2 at least, dunno if they still preserve the same tone or they went more serious) here is a list of some random face palm moments I can remember;


- Raccoon City's elite special team gets chased and pinned into a house by wild dogs, must be elite for sure...


- Special forces armed with knife, pistol and 9 bullets... Who the hell was in charge of equipment and armory?


- Stranded inside the giant mansion they decide to spread and search the house individually, this way its easy to get killed. This how they train special forces these days?

- To heal wounds they eat mint leaf that grows inside pots placed randomly all over.


- They need to find ink and a typewriter to sit down and write what they did that day to be able to save the game.


 - They have a couple of weapons but instead of breaking down a shitty door they hunt for keys. Lets say this is to preserve ammo so how come they spend even more ammo searching for the keys?


- They put extra items and weapons inside magical ice cream freezers that teleport their equipment so they can pick up later from other ice cream freezers found around the house.


- There is a dude who wears sunglasses inside the darkest mansion ever.


- Normal people put sausage and stuff in their basement, this mansion has a shark instead.


 Most of this is true for RE2 too but my biggest face palm moment has to be in RE2 when they notice the Lab is built under the police station. I mean come on, there has been reports of shitty incidents all around the city and not a single police officer heard a sound coming from downstairs?


Sadly I quit after playing RE1 and RE2, heard RE4 was awesome but never really cared as the zombie stuff was getting more and more mainstream, making things boring.


 Fun fact - did you know RE was born from a game called Sweet Home?