Streets of Rage

Probably as any other kid who grew up in the arcade days, side scrolling beat em ups have a nice place in my childhood. Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Golden Axe, Double Dragon, TMNT and Punisher were some of my favs.


The story goes like any other beat em up. You have some city infested with gangs and only a few good guys have the guts to stand up and save the city;  Axel, the blonde dude with a shirt and blue jeans you find in every other beat em up,  Blaze, some hot chick in red and finally Adam, some other angry dude. They all seem to have different stats such as power, jump and speed but they feel like they play exactly the same.


There is also a "special" button that allows you to call a cop car with a rocket launcher and a minigun that cleans the screen from gang members but the cop crew dont have a name and no one gives a damn about them.

Gameplay is like any other, you walk, around throwing punches, use pipes and knives as weapons, eat chicken and beat endless waves of poorly dressed fashion victim gang members.


It's not an amazing game, in fact it was a bit too simple but golden days of childhood so I cant talk bad. Playing it 2 player co-op seemed fun back then.


I remember Streets of Rage having great music btw.


I also recall renting and playing streets of rage 2 on the mega drive but I dont recall how it was. It seems like it had much less impact on my childhood compared to the first one. There was also a 2020 remake but I did not bother to play it, hmm whatever...