Wasteland Trucking Game

A single-player, open-world game that takes place in a post apocalyptic wasteland where you transport luxury goods from one settlement to another while trying to survive day to day. Buy a truck, load it with trading goods, fuel and ammo, hire crew members and dive into the wasteland, Reach the other town before you run out of fuel.

There can be three factions like Humans, Mutants and Robots or something which I haven't bothered to think about. Each having their distinct visual style, weapons, vehicles and trading goods. The player can choose to work for any of the 3 factions but has to be careful as any move that makes one faction happy would decrease the happiness of the other two. 

Being loyal to a faction would allow the player to buy better trucks, weapons, tech and valuable luxuries belonging to that faction. Messing around with them would ban the player from the settlements or even put the player on a hit list with an award on his head.

The player may choose to attack other npc trucks or settlements, hunt raiders to collect the bounty on their heads, explore the wasteland to find adventure, hire crew members (that give bonus to stats like fuel consumption, gunnery, driving, storage etc) or trade between settlements to earn wealth and fame. 

TO DO - settlement screen

TO DO - merchant screen

TO DO - hire crew screen

As the game progresses aging will cause the player skills to deteriorate, crew members would not want to risk their lives with an old fart, bounty over the player's head will increase as the amount of bounty hunters attempting to claim it, eventually forcing the character into retirement or death. Once the game ends a rank will be given based on accumulated wealth and other accomplishments.