Hey, I'm some guy who works in the Game and Animation industry in Canada. I've had the chance to work on projects for clients like Lego, EA Games, Sega, Capcom, Mattel, Big Point Games, shows for Netflix and Dreamworks and some indie game stuff.

This place is my playground where I escape my daily life to have some fun. Mostly doodles and sketches about old games or game ideas. I also post some of my collaboration with indie developers here. This blog has been around since 2012 so it's full of outdated things that I'm lazy to purge. Every once in a while I try to abandon this blog but somehow it manages to pull me back and I find myself updating it with some nonsense.


I keep some of my old concepts, CG art, illustrations, keyframes or designs on THIS PAGE. Take a look and see if anything takes your fancy and let me know if you need similar stuff, maybe there is something I can help you with.

Pixel art
If done correctly it turns out to be an art form where you have to make use of limited space, colour and pixels to produce something that looks decent. THIS PAGE has some pixel experiments.

I enjoy making FUI screens. It's like you have a few seconds to tell a story while trying to keep it stylish and consistent under certain design language rules. THIS PAGE has some motion graphics I've done on my free time.

I'm not really into typography, I mostly do it for fun or when a graphic designer is not around. What I find fun about it is that you have to create a unique design language for each font. Once you set the design language for a few characters you move on to figuring how every other character will follow the rules you created and how they will look unified. THIS PAGE has fonts I've done on my free time. 

Retro Gaming
I grew up with C64s, arcade machines, 8-16 bit Sega, Nintendo and Dos games. I still love to play games from 80s / 90s and early pc stuff from the beginning of 2000s. They seem to have something special that is hard to find in today's games. I also like doing fan art and re-design documents for retro games. Its kind of fun to re-imagine and mix them with today's ideas and trends. You can find some game related stuff on  THIS PAGE

Helping other people
I dont really have any spare time nowadays, but feel free to reach out if you think you have something you need help with. It gives an excuse to think about a game topic / theme I haven't thought before. I would have to see the project and have a quick chat before deciding if I could help or not.