thats a rather accurate self portrait

Gurkan Te  (GT, shroomarts, the shroom, gee tee, or whatever you want to call) Some guy who works as a concept artist for games and animation industry in Canada B.C.

Concept Art / Animation / Game Assets / Pixel Art / UI design


How it all starts

Not sure how it all started but I always enjoyed drawing and designing computer or board game related stuff since I was small. In the beginning of 90's I recall designing new levels for various C64, Sega and Nintendo games on paper, drawing game and cartridge covers and even designing game consoles and game controllers (they used to be called gamepads) on pieces of cardboard boxes. So it was kind of obvious from those days that more or less I was a nut case.

This Blog

I post some of my personal stuff and coloboration with indie developers here. Feels a bit abandoned but every once in a while I go through heaps of junk, adding and removing stuff. I'm usually busy drawing things all the time but tend to wait until enough material piles up before I post. I also have tons of abandoned game projects that never progressed enough to be worth posting.

Pixel art

I find pixel art to be nerve wracking (bit like making 3D models). I used to find it inferior compared to drawing stuff by hand but after having a few in and outs with it, you tend to realise it actually is a geometrical form of art by itself where you have to make use of limited space and pixels to produce something that looks decent.

THIS PAGE has some pixel experiments


Not really a fan of Ascii games as I always found the visuals hard to understand and there is always the fact that most tile sets end up looking similar. The only reason (nowadays) to use ASCII visuals for games is to give a nostalgic feel or to keep workload easy and simple. What I enjoy about ASCII art is the fact that its very limiting. Such limits are always more fun to play with when trying to do illustrations.

THIS PAGE has some of my ascii art experiments

Retro Gaming

I grew up with C64s, arcade machines, 8-16 bit sega and Dos games. I still love to play games from 80s / 90s and early pc stuff from the beginning of 2000s. They seem to have something special that is hard to find in today's games. I do enjoy the games they make nowadays but somehow it doesn't give the fun feel of the stuff they made 10 - 20 years ago. I also like doing fan art and re-design documents for retro games. Its kind of fun to re-imagine and mix them with today's ideas and trends.

Most the time I find myself using past material as reference for today's solutions, as gaming seems to repeat in circles. Learning stuff they did in the past helps you prepare for the future :)


I guess anything similar to the stuff in the games section would be fine. But I'm always open for new stuff. I enjoy concepting ideas, character design and UI stuff the most. I find imagining stuff to be much more fun than actually fleshing it out. That should explain the "half baked" stuff that could be found around or maybe I'm just a lazy ass, jumping from this to that as I get bored.

In an ideal project I would like to do the initial designs and maybe a more talented artist can finalize the product by fleshing out my concepts. But reality doesn't work that way so I am usually asked to do the designs, animations and all the visuals for the final product.

Also every roguelike or dungeon game I work on makes me say "this will be the last" but it never is... Guess I enjoy those games more than the others :)

Helping other people

I like reaching out to people and offering help with their stuff. It gives an excuse to think about a game topic / theme I haven't thought before. Feels bit like puzzle solving on my end. If you think you have something you need help with, feel free to contact.

Making a game is much harder and time consuming than it seems. Many get overexcited and attempt at projects much bigger than they can swallow. I would have to see the project and have a quick chat before deciding if I could help or not.

Last Words

hmm, I think "simple and messy feels better" should be my motto nowadays.