20 August 2014

Keeper RL

Last Update: Oct 2014

Whats all this about? Artwork I've done for Keeper RL

Developed by: Michal Brzozowski



KeeperRL is an ambitious dungeon simulator with roguelike and RPG elements. Take the role of an evil wizard and study the methods of black magic. Dig deep into the mountain and build dozens of rooms, corridors and traps. Train your minions, produce new weapons, torture prisoners and discover the secrets of the dark arts.

Once you become powerful enough, equip your minions and start exploring the world. In your neighbourhood you'll find castles, villages, other dungeons and special locations. Murder innocent villagers and burn their homes. Lay traps and prepare for the retaliation of angry heroes. slay mighty heroes, dragons and witches for their loot. Worship randomly generated gods and mythical creatures. Every game you play will be different unless you exchange maps and take over some other players dungeon.

Tired of being evil? Take direct control of an adventurer in turn based mode like a classic roguelike and assault dungeons made by you or other players. Cut off heads and limbs, poison, blind or burn your enemies, forests, villages or dungeons.

Logo & Mask Concepts

Here are some of the initial mask concepts. Trying to avoiding using too many horns like the classic devil thing, using spiked tentacles or thorns instead. I wanted a padlock below the mask to symbolize the keeper's keep thing... you know locks keep stuff, keeper keeps minions... ok whatever :) I wasnt sure between making creature masks or an old warlock's face sort of mask. Trying to imitate patterns using plants and branches like the 15th century Italian renaissance decorations on the sides of the masks.

The big masks were planned as a logo while the smaller ones (a-b-c-d) were tests made for the loading screens (the "creating a new world just for you" screen)

Keeper RL mask and logo concepts

The masks below were the ones i was happy with the most so escalated them to the next phase of painting.

Keeper RL mask and logo concepts 2

Looking back, the last creature with wrinkles looks pretty catchy. First glance you see a tree growing out of a face which makes you want to stop and figure out what it is because its feels strange and after glancing bit more you notice the tiny patterns that connect different parts of the image with tiny strange faces growing out. Not only stimulating the eyes but also the brain... most peculiar :) Alas, none of these will be used in the game.

Comparing one of the old masks with the new ones from the loading screens

Keeper RL mask and logo concepts 3

below are concepts on a more decorative title screen / main menu using similar decorations.

Keeper RL title screen / main menu concepts

Game Tiles & Pixels

Moving on to game tiles... You may have seen the new room tiles in the game. Here is a room test image. Most rooms are similar to the ones used in the recent versions. Minor changes only.

Keeper RL rooms and decorations

Early tests for creatures. Some of these will appear in the game while most wont. Designing the Elementals gave quite a hard time

Keeper RL Early creature tests

Some more creature and tile tests, some of them will be used, rest will be fed to the kraken..Keeper RL creature + tile tests

KeeperRL - interface concept

Keeperrl ui concepts 2

Keeperrl ui concepts 3

Keeperrl build 11 with UI WIP